DIRECTV Now is AT&T’s online TV streaming service. It has the most live channels offered by a local cable provider without the traditional cable setbacks and with all the flexibility needed by the online streamer. This product brought AT&T to the online streaming market and with that, came new opportunities to learn how to cater to it.

My role was to act as the lead UX advisor for the product team and VP level, offering guidance related to product strategy, market edge, and usability insights gained from my experience as the product design lead for DIRECTV's first streaming service (Yaveo). In this role, I had the opportunity of designing the product user acquisition strategy and purchase flows, which all contributed greatly to the overall CX journey.

Client: AT&T     |    Year: 2016 - 2017      |     Platform: Multiplatform

Client: AT&T     |    Year: 2016 - 2017      |     Platform: Multiplatform

In-App Purchases

We explored different scenarios for user purchase flows to inform the VP level decision whether to allow in-app purchases or not. We looked at the options in terms of customer friction, general customer experience, and underlying economic impact, and provided the best-combined solutions to create an overall frictionless CX despite certain higher costs and impact on revenue due to bounty and rev share of the app stores.

User Acquisition

The below user flows were used to inform and guide VPs and the product team's understanding of the journey users face when attempting to access and/or purchase different content types via the various platforms, and identify the challenges and opportunities (“workarounds”) to solve them.

The final deliverables describe the journey and scenario for each user type (3) using each device type (5), channeled through each of the different acquisition strategies (4). Essentially, we presented a full picture of the 12 possible outcomes and identified the most optimal one that delivered the best balance between users’ needs and business benefit.

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